Beach Boy Terrace is a fast serve casual concept, providing you impeccable views, a ton of fresh sea breeze and small dishes prepared with local Zeeland produce. 

Accompanied by gloomy beach day tunes or even the occasional dj, we’ll be your perfect stop in between sandcastle building, bike rides, lunch and dinner plans. In need of coffee after a long beach walk? We got you! Care for some snacks after a long beachwalk? Our wide menu of refreshing drinks and bites and our young team are at your service! And don’t forget to pop in for cocktails on our sunlit terrace right before dinner. Beach Boy is the perfect pit stop before, after or during your day at the beach. 

The Beach Boy Terrace menu includes some well-known dishes that never cease to amaze. Crispy and creamy shrimp croquettes, … The occasional classics that never disappoint! Explore our versatile drinks menu with it’s surprisingly original, colorful and most of all heavenly good cocktails and refreshments.